This original osotthip Thai Herbal Massage Balm (Wat Po Formula) has long been in popular use among Thai people. The soothing balm come in several colors with white, yellow , green the most widely used in professional massage for deep muscle relief with their effective properties in relieving pain & swelling. It also improve muscle aches and stress. Also used for anti itches or inflammation from insect bites.
Thai Muscle Balm White Herbal ( Esldpagpon) is a centuries old revered remedy used by the monks at WAT PO & WAT PO National Massage School, the most famous massage school in Thailand and in the world.
These traditional herbs and oils herbs are perfect for soothing aching muscles and aid quick recovery after sports . Ideal as a soothing remedy for arthritis joints and sore limbs.  Soothes symptoms of cold and flu and help to alleviate blocked airways effectively. Perfect for first aid on insect bites and grazes which stops itching ,soothes and protects.

Properties: To neutralize the heat, relieve the tendons, cure the symptoms, neutralize insect bites. Relieve pain

How to use: Apply, rub, massage or apply before making Gua Sha to neutralize the body.
How to store: Store at temperature below 30°C.
warning : External use only, do not eat, do not apply to eyes

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