Tige Balm Liniment

Tiger Balm Liniment


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The liquid tiger balm has the same ingredients than the tiger balm white or red but differs by its composition.

It can be used as a natural warming agent, before making exercise it will warm your body. Its application generates heat on the desired part of the body and prevents pain.

Easy to apply to the body, it spreads easily and provides instant and effective relief through massage.

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Only apply externally. Add some oil in your hands, rub them and then massage the area needed and massage gently until total absorption of the product.

In case of headaches, apply a few drops of oil on your temples and forehead. Tiger Balm Liniment may help and eases the effects of the headache.

Applying on your chest and throat will ease your respiration.

Tiger Balm Liniment must be kept away from the reach of children and is not intended for use on young children up to eight years old.


Camphor: 15%
Menthol: 8%
Eucalyptus oil: 5%
Lavender oil: 5%
Methyl salicylate: 38%




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