Almost everyone knows, have a jar or ever used Tiger balm. It is one of the most potent ointments available for sale over the counter. Produced by Haw Par Healthcare Limited, a pharmaceutical Singapore based company, this unique balm red is probably the most famous of all the multipurpose remedies. It was first launched in the Asian market but quickly becomes a reference worldwide for pain relief. It is now used to treat muscle aches, joint pains, sinus tissues, insect bites, to warm up before your training session and a large number of little scratches. There is a wide variety of Tiger Balm products but the most famous and used ones are the red and the white versions.

The red Tiger Balm is really warmer than the tiger balm white because of its composition: Camphor, Cassia oil, dementholised mint oil and Cajuput oil are added to the formula and you will feel immediately a feeling of warmth after it is applied to the skin. Many different balms in Asia contain those ingredients, but the success of tiger balm is really outstanding in comparison to those other brands producing ointments, Siang Pure, Golden Cup, CounterPain, Ibuprofen… Those companies manufacture quite good quality products, but with less notoriety than tiger balm.

Everybody ever used tiger balm at least once in his life or heard the name. We all know there is 2 major kind of Tiger Balm: The red and the white. But how are they different? What are the uses of each other?

The red tiger balm, the original

Let’s try to speak about the first released product which make Tiger Balm famous worlwide. The red Tiger Balm is well-known for the warm feeling the blood-flow gives when applied to the skin. It is absorbed very quickly and helps relieve pain, stress, tension, and muscular niggles.

Therefore, tiger balm red is largely applied because of its anti-inflammatory properties, when it comes to treating deep muscle tissue damage and persistent sprains that may occur during sports activities, at work or by just staying home. Its success is maybe due to its natural and really effective properties. Herbal ingredients are mainly used to manufacture tiger balm, and that is why the ointment has minimal to no side effects, as compared to those made using inorganic and chemical ingredients. In fact, tiger balm was first available only in Asia.

However, the emergence of international trade through globalization made the product to be available to other parts of the world. The presence of Chinese communities in almost every country on earth may be a reason why the balm became so popular all around the planet.

Tiger Balm Red

Red tiger balm formula is composed of menthol, camphor, clove essential oil, cajeput essential oil, peppermint oil, and cinnamon essence. Therefore, tiger balm is really efficient to alleviate tendonitis, muscle aches, and joint pain. It is also highly recommended against common sore, inflammation, stiffness, muscle aching, and osteoarticular pain as well as back pain, lower back weakness, knee ache, swelling, rheumatism, arthritis.

This is the first product, the original and strongest version. It will be used whether by athletes to relieve their physical pains related to training, but also by people exhausted by daily activities stress, who experience sore muscles at the end of a hard day at work. Ultra-powerful, the red tiger balm provides very rapid relief from these various pains and greatly alleviates the muscle tension that appears after particularly busy days.

Sedentary people can also use it to relieve their painful and stiff muscles.

Tiger balm relieves muscular aches and pains.

This balm is so effective that it is sometimes used by osteopaths to counter and relieve tendonitis. Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons due to sports abuse, more or less violent due to repetitive gestures or small traumas. It can be very painful both during an effort and at rest. It can last for months or even years if left without being treated.

Fortunately, this inflammation can be alleviated with just the action of tiger balm red. Just take a small amount from the ointment and rub the painful part. When the heat begins to be felt, it is necessary to stop and just rest. A few minutes is enough to feel a great relief, a great sensation of comfort.
It also alleviates cramps and more generally any kind of muscle pain. Muscle soreness is very diverse, usually characterized by contraction or compression of the muscles, which causes intense pain in the area concerned. These problems are particularly common in people who engage in intense physical activity. Certainly, by dint of being solicited, the muscles end up revolting by inflicting high pain on the individual concerned. Fortunately, there are also effective solutions such as tiger balm.

This ointment has a soothing effect on muscle pain. A few minutes after its application, the relief is noticed. Hot and cold are combined to optimize relaxation: the feeling of warmth is followed by a pleasant feeling of freshness. In addition, tiger balm is available in various forms, such as cream, tiger oil, stick, or patch, which greatly eases its use.

Now let’s take a look at the white tiger balm.

Same as the red version, the white tiger balm is an herbal ointment. It is really efficient when you suffer from headaches and migraines. The menthol in its composition will keep the mosquitoes far from you and we thank it for that.

You can just let the jar open near your bed to have a good night sleep without being troubled by noisy mosquitoes. Tiger balm white is also really appreciated to relieve the annoying feeling of insect bites, for nasal decongestion from cold and is amazing to ease breathing.

With its distinctive composition, white tiger balm contains about 25% camphor, 8% menthol, as well as essential oil of eucalyptus, mint and cloves. Unlike the red tiger balm, its uses are somewhat different: it relieves headaches and torticollis. It decongests the nose during sinusitis, colds or rhinitis, it relieves coughing or calms insect bites.

This ointment can thus relieve many diseases of the ENT specialist. It is the most common variety, which differs mainly from the red tiger balm by the presence of eucalyptus oil. Its applications depend on the difficulty of relieving: for headaches or torticollis, it must be applied directly to the temples or the painful part; for colds, sinusitis, coughs and rhinitis, it should be applied to the chest, back and nose. Finally, to soothe insect bites, the tiger balm must be rubbed all around it.

Tiger Balm Red Usage

White tiger balm is highly recommended against insect bites, colds and headaches

Tiger balm is really effective on insect bites. It desensitizes the pain receptors and provides a pleasant feeling of freshness, which soothes the itching caused by such stings. In addition, the eucalyptus it contains keeps biting insects away.

To feel these benefits, simply apply the tiger balm by massaging on the affected area. It only takes a few minutes for this ointment to bring effect and remove any urge to scratch in the stung place. In addition, the presence of eucalyptus in tiger balm presents the property to repel insects, such as mosquitoes.
The combined action of camphor, mint, and eucalyptus, an essential oil that makes white tiger balm a great feature, provides relief to colds, flu, coughs, rhinitis, fever and other sinusitis. Camphor and eucalyptus are indeed well known for their antiseptic effect;

World Health Organization (WHO) itself recognizes the traditional role of mint and eucalyptus essential oil in the fight against inflammation. Several forms of use are possible: in inhalation, by putting a small quantity of the ointment in a large bowl of hot water and then inhaling two to three times a day, only in the adolescent and adult; friction on the chest, applying a moderate quantity of the product until it feels a feeling of warmth.
Thanks to the menthol and eucalyptus it contains, white tiger balm is ideal for fighting headaches. These two components have a refreshing action, which acts as a pain anti-pain on the affected areas. The traditional use of mint essential oil against headaches is even recognized by WHO and the European Medicines Agency. To feel almost immediate relief, simply apply the ointment to the temples and rub very lightly, without trying to penetrate it, two to three times a day if necessary, only in the adolescent and adult.

Precautions of tiger balm use

Because it contains essential oils, Tiger Balm is not advised for children under seven years of age and for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Tiger Balm must be administered externally only. You should prevent contact with mucous membranes, eyes, inflamed skin, or an infection. After you use it, it is very important to wash your hands. Do not ingest Tiger Balm.

The Tiger Balm is certified for commercial use in many countries including the USA, Europe, and its effectiveness has been proven following several clinical observations. In the 1990s, a test of 20 patients concluded that this ointment was trustworthy for 0.5 to 1.5% of cases of small dermal inflammation.

If you feel discomfort when using Tiger Balm, or if you are allergic to any of the components of the balm, do not use it.

Also if you have sensitive epidermis, or if you have concerns, you can do a simple test on a small area of your skin before it is more widely used on other parts of your body. It is not advisable to associate it with a homeopathic therapy, because the camphor which is one of its components may remove the curative effects of homeopathy.

Refrain from using it at the same time with a hot water bottle or heating pad, as this will increase the hazard of a skin reaction. What’s more, you need to know and be aware that the balm action is only to calm a symptom. If the pain persists, you should consult your medical practitioner to make a diagnosis that would allow him to treat the precise cause of your suffering.

The virtues of Tiger Balm are considerable, it is really effective to heal a headache, cough, a blocked nose, tendonitis, muscle soreness, joint pain, and many other issues that are part of our daily lives. With its small version, it is really easy and convenient to always have some Tiger Balm with you. Pain happens but suffering is optional.

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